quinta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2014

[ Guelra com Paulo Henrique | Arte Total ]

[ Guelra com Paulo Henrique | Arte Total | residência de 3 a 8 de Março | apresentação pública 8 de Março | Arte Total
| No maravilhoso mercado cultural do carandá da autoria do arquitecto Souto Moura| 16:00 h | entrada livre]


Paulo Henrique is a Portuguese choreographer and multimedia performance artist. As a choreographer he has created a number of performance and installation works integrating different media such as video, sound, text, voice, and plastic arts. His works include "From Now On" 1996, "Minimally Invasive" 1998, "Contract With The Skin" 2000, "Around One" 2002., "Surface Tension" Brighton Photo Fringe Festival 2006; "DOC.10" 2007; "Surface Tension' + 'Autographs" Brighton Photo Fringe Festival 2008; "Autographs + Surface Tension" at London photomonth 2009; "Samples (Contract with The Skin)" at photolounge, part of photomonth 2010; "Frame & Re-Frame" 2011, "Man in the Park" 2012; "(in)translation"2012.

His work has been performed in the United States, Brazil, Japan, and Africa, and throughout Europe, at such venues as the Dance Theatre Workshop in New York, the Mousonturm in Frankfurt, and the Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon. He has had works commissioned by the Festival Danças Na Cidade and for Lisbon's Expo 98. Paulo Henrique was one of the first Portuguese artists to integrate new technology & video into the performances to create multimedia pieces.

Paulo Henrique was awarded a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation and Luso-American Foundation and the Centro Nacional de Cultura to attend the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. From 1997 to 1999 he took an internship with the Trisha Brown Dance Company. While in New York, Henrique collaborated with Robert Flynt, and Meredith Monk.

He has worked / participated on projects and works with Madalena Vitorino, Margarida Bettencourt, Vera Mantero, Meg Stuart, Olga Mesa, Lidia Martinez, Bernardo Montet, David Zambrano, Lance Gries, Cristina Benedita, Jack Shamblin, Eva Mueller, Bill Jacobson, Oswaldo Ruiz. He has taught at Forum Dança, C.E.M., and Arte Total, and has been a guest lecturer at Brighton University (postgraduate diploma in digital media arts). Several of his works are now stored as part of the Digital Performance Archive. In 2009 Henrique moved to Paris.

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